Step-by-step Guide- How to Set-up a Blog and Make Money

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After the numerous emails I  get with people asking how I make money blogging, I decided to put down a step-by-step on how to set-up a blog and make money with it.

I wrote this guide to help you build your own blog starting from zero, choose the right market, create and set up your domain name, build traffic and find the best product for you to sell.

This guide will put you on the right path to living the dotcom life provided you follow it.



1. Introduction

2. Start managing your time

3. Understand the online business

4. Choose the right market for you

5. Find your audience

6. Get your domain name

7. Choose the right web host

8. Set up WordPress

9. Your WordPress theme

10. Check out your competition

11. Set up Twitter

12. Twitter marketing tactics

13. The power of online connections

14. Traffic building strategies

15. Monetize your blog

16. Create your own product


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